Laura Medine


Laura Medine is the creative director and designer for the Laura Medine Fine Jewelry Collection. Laura was born into a family of diamond and colored stone traders who encouraged and fostered her jewelry designs and talents. After raising four children in New York City, Laura again turned to jewelry design. Her talent and vision was now mature and fully formed. Laura has understood the transformative powers of jewelry since she was a child. The right piece of jewelry can transform its wearer both emotionally and physically. Laura had seen the effect jewelry had on her mother and older sisters and felt that a beautifully designed necklace ring or bracelet had a magic beyond its stone and metal. Every woman should have the opportunity to feel this magic.

I treat each piece as though it is one of my children in the sense that I am with it along every step of the way until it is perfected and ready to be shown to the public. I design each piece with passion and love as if I were designing for myself. I can confidently say that each piece within the collection gives me great pride. Having said that, when designing, I have a woman much like myself in mind; someone who is just becoming a mother and raising her young family, a woman who is overly immersed in her career, an adventurous woman looking to travel the world and experience the beauties of life and what it has to offer. My motto is if the jewelry is not good enough for me to wear, it’s not good enough for any woman to wear.
The Alexandrite captivated me when I was first introduced to it while designing for Mark Henry. The rich history behind the gem and its rarity is what drew me to working with the stone. Moonstones happen to be a near perfect complement to the Alexandrite in the sense that they both have certain underlying physical properties that make them so similar. For instance, they are both said to provide a wearer with a better sense of well being which is essentially what drives my passion for life.
Timeless yet fashionable, elegant, exquisite & sophisticated; all handmade to be one of a kind pieces that can be worn every day at any time.
I will offer an extensive assortment of rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings & bangles.
There are specific collections within the line. In the ‘Bon Bon’ collection for instance, I found that a lot of the stones I have been using resemble the colorful candies that originated in France and are now popular throughout the world. Like I mentioned previously, a lot of my inspiration comes from nature so coming up with a constellation themed collection was a no brainer for me. In this collection you can find beautifully selected stones that are designed to resemble the sun, moon & stars, ‘Il Giardino’ is another collection that is linked to my love of nature. In this collection you can find all sorts of things that you would find in a garden such as tulips, flowers, butterflies & other types of insects.
Italy has always been considered one of the capitals of fashion in the world. Versace, Valentino, Gucci & Bvlgari all are Italian fashion houses to name a few so the fact that I can say I grew up in a city that these designers call their home has a natural effect in instilling a deeply rooted passion and love for fashion since I was a child. By being exposed to fashion from such an early age, it was my dream to one day become intertwined and involved in this world.
My sense of style is romantic, feminine & classical. I think it is portrayed through the jewelry I design in that it is emulated through my ability to craft jewelry that is timeless yet fashionable. Accessorizing has always been an important part in completing a look I am striving to attain. With that in mind, when I design jewelry, I have myself in mind; practical, elegant & fashionable all at once and this has been a key ingredient to the success of my designs.
My main interest and source of energy in life comes from the state of well being and nature. I start each day with a long walk along a scenic route. I found over time that these walks have been a major spark in feeding my creativity in an array of ways throughout the day. I start visioning things in a different light which allows me to express my creativity in a healthier and more positive way. Whether it is the sun rising in the early morning or waves running along the river, all this is taken in, digested and eventually expressed through my designs. Another source of my inspiration stems from my fascination with simple yet beautiful one of a kind gemstones. I take the gemstone and usually design the entire piece around this one stone in a way that showcases the beauty of the stone.
As much as I enjoyed designing jewelry in my past jobs, I felt limited by the restrictions bestowed upon me by the aesthetics of the traditional and classic looks I was bound to. I wanted to go beyond the boundaries and challenge my creativity by ultimately expressing my feelings through my designs in a less conventional and more fashionable way.
Back in the 80s, I did merchandizing and sourcing of gold jewelry originating from Italy & Turkey which I would then import into the US; this allowed me to source some of the newest designs and concepts with the intention of introducing them to the US market. Some of what was sourced required some assembly work in order to complete the designs and doing this sparked an untapped passion I had to ultimately get fully immersed into the design aspect of the business. I took a sabbatical from the business in the late 80s in order to begin raising my children knowing that I would eventually return once they were raised. In 2010, I finally reached the point where I had the liberty to begin working once again and I slowly began designing high end jewelry for the Mark Henry Collection. In 2012, after getting my feet wet and building some experience I decided to branch out and develop my own collection.
I started the company in December of 2012.